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Why ?

Digital copies of flat artworks such as oil paintings or watercolours can be used for many purposes.
They can be used on a web site for advertising your creations for sale, or just to show them to the world.
Or they can be printed out to make multiple copies of your original, for sale or for insurance.

How ?

We use multiple polarised light sources, corrected optics, and a calibrated workflow to ensure that copies are as true as possible to the original artwork, without colour casts, distortions or reflections.
Art work should be delivered to Frozentime Images unmounted, ie not behind glass, and if framed, only the visible portion of the artwork will be copied.

The product

High resolution jpeg files of at least 10 megapixels will be delivered on a CD, along with a slideshow that is ready for viewing on a computer or the web.
If you already have a web site, the slideshow can easily be uploaded there, otherwise it can be made available on the Frozentime web site for a period of one year.

Web site creation

If you don't already have a web site, we can help you set one up.
Web sites and associated addresses are cheaper than most people think, for example the hosting company currently provides a web hotel with a .se name of your choice for around 300 SEK per year.

Good to know

Note that a computer screen can never show the same nuances and range of colour as an original painting, and this is even more true of printed media.
In addition, most home computers are not calibrated to ICC standards, and so your artwork will look slightly different on these screens.


An example of a simple webpage and slideshow of watercolours made by Frozentime Images can be found here : Eva Triumf Design


Other art work can be copied by arrangement.

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