A simple Mac OS X droplet for copying images from memory card to hard disk.

Introduction :
OK, manually copying image files from a memory card to a folder on the hard disk isn't a terribly onerous task, but I think simplifying any repetetive task is worthwhile to avoid frustration and mistakes.

CardUpload allows the sequence :
Double click on CardUpload
Type suffix of new folder name in window
Hit return
to do the work of :
Create new folder
Name new folder, (optionally including current year and month in name)
Find the mounted memory-card volume on the desktop
Click down through the folder tree till you find the new images
Select all
Drag images to the new folder.
Dismount memory-card volume.

System requirements :
Mac OS X v10.4 or later

Download :
The droplet is a single Mac OS X application bundle, which you can download as a compressed tar archive from the bottom of this page. Simply download to your desktop and double-click on the tar file to get your droplet, which you can then move anywhere you want.

Initial setup :
CardUpload is only useful when you upload images from the same device regularly. When you first use the program with a new device, you need to let it know the name of the device and which folder your images will be in (for example with my Nikon D70, the files are always in /Volumes/NIKON D70/DCIM/NC70/).

To setup this information the first time you use this device, simply navigate as usual to the image folder on the device, and drag any file there on to CardUpload. This will cause the program to remember this location for the future, and to prompt you about where you would like to have new folders created on the hard disk, and whether you would like the current year and month to be the first component of the filename.
This is the safest way to setup, but you can also try just dropping the top-level icon of the device on to CardUpload, in which case the program will rummage around until it finds a folder containing images, and usually that will work just as well.

Usage :
Once set up, double-clicking on the application will cause it to prompt for the name of a folder to which you want your images transfered, after which it will copy all the files from the folder on the memory card device that was specified at setup, and then eject the card.

If you want to transfer the files to an existing folder, simply drop that folder on to CardUpload.

Version history :

v1.0 14-May-07

Download latest CardUpload v1.0 (14-May-07, 1MB)

CardUpload uses Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Platypus along with CocoaDialog, which are protected by the GNU General Public License, which means this droplet is too.

The software is free of charge.

If you liked CardUpload, you will love MacMetaMod.

Mark Harris

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