Photoshop script for embedding a title in a photograph

embed_title.js is a script for embedding a title in a photograph using Photoshop 7 or above.

It's written in JavaScript and so should run on any platform, but is only tested on Mac OSX with Photoshop CS.
You can pick up the script here : download embed_title.js

The script dims a stripe at the bottom of the currently active document, and inserts a title of your choice centered in this dimmed area.
That by itself is perhaps not worth making a script for, but if you happen to have a file containing a list of titles for all your images, then you can painlessly add titles to an entire directory of images with one command.

The name of the title list file needs to be entered into the script as lstFilename, and should have the format :

# My image title list file. MRH Sep 2004
myfile1.jpg : my title for image 1
myfile2.jpeg : my title for image 2

ie a filename followed by a colon and a title for the image.
A # as the first character denotes a comment line and will be ignored.

Once you have set lstFilename in the script, move the script file (embed_title.js) to your Photoshop script directory.
On the mac this is something like :
/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS/Presets/Scripts/embed_title.js
Windows will be something similar.

Now you are ready to open a document in Photoshop and select the File->Scripts->embed_title option that should have appeared.
If you haven't made a list file, or the active document has no record in the list file, you will be prompted for a title, and then Photoshop will embed the title in your image. If you have a list file and use the Photoshop Batch function, you can add titles to all the images in a directory.

Here are some examples : example1 and example2

© Mark Harris, Uppsala, Sweden.
But feel free to develop and spread the code with acknowlegements.

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