A simple Mac OS X droplet for copying images and video from Sony RX100 IV memory card to hard disk.

Introduction :
The Sony RX100 IV (and I believe other Sony models) has the bad habit of keeping still images and video in different obscurely-named folders on the SD card, which it also insists on calling "Untitled". In addition, each time the card is reformatted, the video file naming starts repeating.
This is not a problem if you use Sony software to import to your computer, but for those of us that use other software (in my case Adobe Lightroom), then it is very inconvenient, and has lead to losing video files when I'm not concentrating.

This droplet solves the problem by looking in both the still and video directories, and copying all the files to a directory of your choice. In addition it renames the video files by prepending the current date. You choose the destination directory either by dragging it on to the droplet, or by letting it default to "sony_import" on the desktop.

System requirements :
Mac OS X v10.4 or later

Download :
The droplet is a single Mac OS X application bundle, which you can download as a compressed tar archive from the bottom of this page. Simply download to your desktop and double-click on the tar file to get your droplet, which you can then move anywhere you want.

Usage :
Drag the destination folder on to the droplet. Or double click the droplet to use the default destination folder.

The directory names used by my RX100 IV are hard-coded into the application. If these do not work for you, or you want to modify the application for other cameras, you can edit the executable shell script by right-clicking on the droplet and chosing "Show Package Contents". Navigate down to Contents>Resources and edit the file called "script".

Download latest Import_Sony(55KB)

Import_Sony uses Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Platypus which is protected by the GNU General Public License, which means this droplet is too.

The software is free of charge.

If you liked Import_Sony, you will love MacMetaMod.

Mark Harris

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