MacMetaShow - a simple, free Mac OS X droplet for viewing EXIF data of image files

Introduction :
MacMetaShow is a droplet that allows Mac OS X users to view the EXIF data blocks of image files.

If you want to modify the keywords, title and owner records of your meta data, then take a look at the sister program MacMetaMod.

It is driven by Phil Harvey's excellent ExifTool, and uses Sveinbjorn Thordarson's Platypus.
These are protected by the GNU General Public License, which means this droplet is too.

System requirements :
Mac OS X v10.4 or later

Download :
The droplet is a single Mac OS X application bundle, which you can download as a compressed tar archive from the bottom of this page.
Simply download to your desktop and double-click on the tar file to get your droplet, which you can then move anywhere you want.

Usage :
Drag a file on to the application.

Notes :

Version history :

v1.3 7-Feb-07
Added ACRs RawFileName tag to short output list.

v1.2 1-Feb-07
If a directory or multiple files are dropped, author, title, and keyword records are now shown for each file.
Bug fixed that caused crash when filename included spaces.

v1.1 15-Jan-07
Added ability to rename executable to MacMetaShow-all for more complete listing.

v1.0 14-Dec-06

Download latest MacMetaShow v1.3 (7-Feb-07, 700KB)

Mark Harris

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