Frozentime Images Photography

Portraits, commercial assignments and fine-art prints in Uppsala

22-Aug-2014 Tant Skateboard show

26-Jun-2014 Steam Punk festival in Gävle

15-Jun-2014 Knights in medieval armoured combat

6-June-2014 Ekebyloppet race photos

17-May-2014 Valloxen Runt race photos

18-Apr-2014 Paris

3-Jan-2014 Tenerife

9-Nov-2013 Candle-lit walk at Kvarnbo Kvarn. Lyktvandringen 2013

8-Nov-2013 Camranger/Nikon D800/Mac air review

22-Sep-2013 Malmö

22-Sep-2013 Rabbit jumping

18-Sep-2013 Culture night at the junk yard

19-Aug-2013 Steam train Lenna Katten

11-Aug-2013 Ride of Hope

21-Jul-2013 Harödagen

14-Jul-2013 Forsmark Bruk

19-Jun-2013 Blacksmith at work

14-May-2013 Brukssextetten band

11-May-2013 Ekebyloppet photos

6-May-2013 Skandisloppet bike race photos

18-April-2013 Slussen, Stockholm

16-Apr-2013 Portraits of horses in photo studio

16-Apr-2013 Night photos with stars

1-Apr-2013 B&W pictures from Slussen in Stockholm

25-Jan-2013 Underwater and over water photos from Gottsunda swimming pool

3-Jan-2013 Photos from Dubai

11-Nov-2012 Candle-lit walk in the woods (Lyktvandring vid Kvarnbofallet)

28-July-2012 Exhibition of pictures from Bovallstrand

10-July-2012 Weekend trip to Tallin, Estonia

30-June-2012 Viksta traktormuseum

19-May-2012 Akademistallet fälttävlan steeplechase horse race photos

27-Apr-2012 Slideshow from Sylt, Germany

23-Jan-2012 Slideshows from Oman

28-Nov-2011 Underwater portraits updated

6-Nov-2011 Hubertusjakt horse race

Bilder från Granebergsvarvet löpartävling

Pictures from Bovallstrand

Pictures from the old observatory in Hällby, Uppsala

Pictures of the old mill in Kvarnbo, Uppsala

Bilder från Islandshåst SM, Sundbyholm, Eskilstuna

Lurbo Nationaldags show jumping photos

Photos and trip report from Sri Lanka

Photos from Öland

Trip to Stockholm's butterfly house

Ulrica och Per's wedding photos
  (mp4 version with music)

Lurbo stables Nationaldags horse jumping competition photos

Photos from end of term at Rosendalsgymnasiet, Uppsala

Photos from lambing season

Peter and Märta's wedding photos
  (mp4 version with music)

13-May-2010 Best of the Best horse dressage competition photos

8-May-2010 Paintball SM photos

Underwater portraits

Collection of HDR/tone-mapped images

18-Apr-2010 Kvarncrossen whitewater kayak race photos

Horses in Hagadalen

Slideshow from Washington DC and Virginia

20-Sep-2009 Kung Björn Loppet race photos

1-Sep-2009 Soldattorpet photos

22-Aug-2009 American car show photos

28-June-2009 Uppsalritten horse race photos

16-May-2009 Valloxen runt race photos

5-Apr-2009 Kvarncrossen whitewater kayak race photos

24-Mar-2009 Family photo shoots

20-Jan-2009 Uppsala ice sports photos

11-Jan-2009 Madeira photos

Uppsala Light Festival

20-Oct-2008 RAID Uppsala multisport photos

20-Aug-2008 Bovallstrand photos

1-Mar-2008 The Barista Collection, high-speed photographs of coffee

1-Jan-2008 Illustrated ski report from Chamonix

23-Jul-2007 Illustrated tour report from around Bergen - "Norway in a nutshell"

23-Mar-2007 MacMetaMod - A Mac OS X droplet for easy keywording of images. v2.0

3-Jan-2007 Illustrated hiking report from La Gomera

18-May-2006 Build yourself a balance chair

12-Feb-2006 Ice skating tours on natural ice in Sweden

12-Jul-2005 Pictures of damselflies

16-Feb-2004 Kite skiing and skating

15-Jan-2004 Outdoor guide to Uppsala, with map

12-July-2002 Sea kayaking with a kite

6-Apr-2002 Illustrated ski tour report from Kårsavagge.

19-Mar-2002 Customising tour skis.

18-Jan-2002 GPS coords of Swedish mountain huts now in WAP-phone searchable database.

11-Jan-2002 Pictures of ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado

14-Oct-2001 Build yourself a photographic fill-in reflector

23-Sep-2001 Addition to 'true stories' : An amourous encounter in the forest

10-Aug-2001 Sailing pictures

3-Aug-2001 Some thoughts on sea kayaking safety

10-Apr-2001 Illustrated ski tour report from Kebnekaise (Ice climbing, snow cave, skiing Tuolpagorni's bowl)

9-Apr-2001 Photos of skating through ice and self-rescue

25-Mar-2001 Photos of ice climbing in Uppsala

12-Mar-2001 DIY ice-climbing accessories : ice screw rack, V-threader, antibots

26-Feb-2001 Measurements on some climbing pulley systems

7-Aug-2000 Illustrated climbing report from the Lofoten islands

12 Jun 2000 Review of climbing areas around Uppsala

11 Jan 2000 MMM - reviews of offbeat Web products